Cost and Profitability

Legal Research Pros is committed to assisting you to maximize your profitability regardless of the issues and obstacles you are facing. For most projects you will be provided with a flat fee quote for completion of all work requested. This will be done by the project manager handling your request, and a quote is normally provided within twenty-hour hours (and often on the same day requested). Clients are not charged for services provided by our project managers. In an effort to assist our clients in maximizing their profitability, we use:

Two distinct billing methods:

  • Flat Fee – This is a billing method used for smaller, clearly definable projects in which the parties agree to a pre-determined fee for project completion.
  • Incremental Billing Blocks - This billing method is used for projects in which the total time required for completing the project is speculative or in which the project is ongoing in nature. Under this billing method, the Client posts payment for an initial block of time and that payment is applied to the project. For example, a Client may have a project estimated at 40-50 hours for completion. After consultation with a project manager, the Client would post payment for 20 hours with the understanding that additional sums may become necessary to complete the project. Hourly quotes are based on the complexity of the project. We will never exceed the initial project estimate without prior client approval.

We focus on two specific areas to increase profitability for our Clients:

  • Quality of Work Project – Many other companies who provide “outsourced” legal services end up costing their Clients additional time and resources by not providing work product that is in an acceptable final form. We are committed to employing only high quality, U.S. attorneys to provide our legal research and writing services, and we have added an additional layer of quality control by using a work model that assigns a project manager (also an attorney) to every project we handle.
  • Low Billing Rates – It is important to understand that our Clients are not billed for the time our project managers devote to their projects. In addition, our low hourly billing rate allows our Clients maximum leverage to increase profitability. Of course, each Client will need to be aware of their State's ethical rules regarding how our services may be billed to their own Clients.