Put Our Expertise To Use For Your Clients

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Focus The Issues

We help you focus on the important legal arguments in your case, and then use our resources to develop strong motions and briefs for your clients. We have experience arguing complex legal issues in all fields of the law, and have provided work for attorneys who practice in federal and state courts nationwide.

Increase Your Earning Potential

Most states allow a reasonable markup on outsourced legal services. Utilizing our attorneys – all of whom are attorneys licensed in the United States – creates additional profit sources for your firm, and allows you to focus on more lucrative aspects of your practice.

Improve Your Work Product

We know you have the skills to handle your own research and writing, but time and resources will always limit your work product. Our attorneys work solely in the field of research and writing, they have access to the best legal databases, and because of our reasonable rates, can spend the time necessary to produce outstanding research and writing.

Get Your Life Back

Let’s face it, you sit down to research a legal issue or draft a brief, and before you know it the whole morning is gone … then the whole afternoon. Stop working nights and weekends and let us handle those things that are important, but do not require your specific expertise. We provide completed projects that, when met with your approval, are ready to file.